Hi everybody!

I am Paolo D’Incau, an software developer and blogger living in Trento (Italy).
I really like computer science, music, books, parties and I love good company.

I opened this blog in 2009 to make people meet with things that maybe they don’t know and to share ideas and experiences with other enthusiasts.

My study/work experiences:


  • software developer at XPeppers, an Italian company focused on agile development, coaching and devops 

XPeppers logo

  • Erlang blogger


  • MSc. in Telecommunication Engineering  (University of Trento): thesis: “Multimodal image retrieval for social event detection”
  • Bachelor in Telecommunication Engineering (University of Trento)
  • 7 months internship student at Nokia R&D (Oulu, Finland) : during this experience I wrote my bachelor thesis: “Optimizing access to social networks in real-time using a mobile device”
  • Twice I was selected as student collaborator at University of Trento, Social Sciences Faculty for the creation of a software for Qualitative Data Analysis
  • High School Degree in Computer Science and  Telecommunications

If you are interested you can contact me using:

  • e-mail: paolo[dot]dincau[at]gmail[dot]com (for information about this blog posts, please use comments)
  • twitter: @pdincau
And now a couple of pictures (just in case you meet me around):


Me in Tampere city center (Suomi): note the impressive tanning

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