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Erlang Camp 2013 is coming!

Amsterdam: beautiful city of bicycles, canals and….. Erlang!

Nothing to do on Aug 30-31, 2013? What about  travelling to the lovely city of Amsterdam and attend the Erlang Camp 2013?

If you have been following my blog for a while you should already know what Erlang Camp is: an intensive two day learning experience focused on getting you up to speed on creating large scale, fault tolerant distributed applications in Erlang.

In particular, during the Erlang Camp 2013 which is exceptionally sponsored by the amazing company SpilGames you will get in touch with several Erlang topics as:

  • Erlang basic stuff
  • Erlang OTP
  • How to ship your Erlang code using applications and releases
  • Erlang Distribution

More information on the Erlang Camp schedule may be found in this web page.

Erlang Camp is a pretty good way to learn Erlang language and to get in touch with some of the best Erlang teachers and developers outh there. Knowing that only 100 seats are available and that they will go quickly I suggest you to hurry and register for the event!


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