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3 years of Erlang blogging: carry on my wayward son!

Believe it or not, a couple of days ago this blog reached its 3rd year of existence. Let’s jubilate! 

Every year I find myself surprised that I was able to mantain it up and keep it interesting (I hope so!) for all of you Erlangers out there. The one you are reading, is my 80th post, which means during these years I have written a post every two weeks…and that is a very good result (at least for me!).

What happened this year? Well, a lot of stuff…believe me! Many great Erlangers accepted my request for an interview an shared with us their experiences and ideas about the language, the community and the applications we all love. Maybe I am writing to many interviews, but the point is that the blog is changing with me I guess. Three years ago I used to write into this blog my first experiments in order to expand my generic knowledge about Erlang..I had really few visitors during those days; now, having more and more visits I feel like this blog is not only my “gym” but also a space where Erlangers can get more useful information.

I wrote technical articles as well, actually not as many as I wanted and that is sad, but I have still some aces up my  sleeve…so believe me when I say that if you are looking for Erlang tutorials this is still the right blog for you!

As every year, I want to thank all you guys for your support and patience…I want to thank two guys in particular: Mirko Bonadei (@MirkoBonadei) and Loris Fichera (@lorisfichera): they provided and still provide good feedbacks and motivate me when I am disappointed by this blog. Thank you guys!

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