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Erlang goes to Spain

Busy on on October 5th and 6th? If not, you may consider going to the Galician city of A Coruña, in northern Spain and attend the third ErlangCamp.

ErlangCamp is a conference organized by Martin Logan, Jordan Wilberding and Eric Merritt, in order to gather developers from all over the world and
discuss about designing fault tolerant distributed systems in Erlang. Maybe, ‘conference’ is not the right term here, because during the two days of the event you will focus on learning much and fast OTP.

If you think that a ticket for the ErlangCamp costs a lot…well, you can’t be more mistaken! The price is only $100! The organizers decided to keep the price so low in order to gather a massive amount of developers. Knowing that most of the attendee will be paying the ticket with their own money, they were able to cut down the conference costs by asking space and colloraborion to the Universidade de Coruña.

By paying the cost of the ticket + the cost of the dinner you will also be able to spend several hours on Friday night with Martin, Jordan and Merrit and talk with them about their experiences with Erlang.

In my humble opinion, this is a very good way to learn more about Erlang development, spend some good time with many developers coming from all around the world and to discover the famous city of A Coruña which is a well known vacation place.

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