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Still up and running, 2 years of this blog

In Italy we have a saying: “Il tempo vola”, which could easily be translated as “Time flies”.

Today I must admit that this old saying is true. Another year has gone….and this blog is getting older! 🙂 I remember myself last year, I was writing a post about my first year as Erlang blogger using WordPress. At that time I didn’t know how many interesting things can happen in just one year.

As blogger and Erlang developer the last year was really satisfactory. Last April I proposed to some Erlang developers I admire an interview for this blog; I didn’t expect so many positive responses, still all of them were willing to answer my questions and this way started my first series of interviews. Later on I was really excited when Francesco Cesarini suggested me to interview some of the speakers of last Erlang Factory in London, I was really honoured to have the opportunity of being in contact with Erlang gurus and Erlang inventors. I had also the opportunity to interview people from different companies that use Erlang (e.g. Basho, Erlang Solutions   etc etc).

2 years of this blog

2 years of this blog

Here is a list of all the interviews you can find in this blog:

I tried to publish also technical posts, most of them are based on questions I find in StackOverflow. I also posted something about my personal experiences with this amazing language: Erlang is not a difficult language, but in the Internet or in other websites there is always something that makes you say: “Wow, I didn’t know this feature!” or “Wow this project is amazing!”.

Last but not least, during this year I found some good fellow, it is always good to have somebody for  sharing knowledge and experiences. I started a couple of projects with some of these fellows and I hope that soon I will be able to show you in this blog the results achieved.

I would like to thank all of you readers for your constant support, suggestions and critics. This year 5 times more people came to visit this blog with respect to the first year…thanks guys!!!! 🙂

I will keep on interviewing people and other interesting (I hope) technical things in the near future, so keep on reading this blog!

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  1. Elisa Michelle
    September 8, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Congratulations on having this blog for two years! That’s impressive since blogging can be so intimidating. And daunting and just about any other synonym you can think of. Haha.

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