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The road so far: one year of this blog!

One year ago, a relative of mine suggested me to open a blog.

To be honest at that time I was having a lot of free time: my experience in Nokia was over, and I was going back to Italy for getting my bachelor degree therefore I found it a good way to fill my spare time.

One year later here I am, still a student (MSc in Telecommunication Engineering), and blogger for fun!

At the beginning I wrote my posts in Italian, this was mainly for two reasons:

  1. Erlang in Italy is not a very common language (even in distributed systems courses)
  2. I wanted to create a movement of “erlangers” also in Italy, build some killer application with them and work full time on it

Anyhow after a couple of months I changed the language of this blog to English….using Italian I was not able to get a “motivating” number of visits, and I did not find people willing to cooperate to the creation of the famous software aforesaid. Writing my posts in English partially satisfied my “needs”: visits started raising (see figure below) but I still don’t have people to work with to my projects….so if you are interested ping me!

Last but not least: you may have noticed the books on the right side of this page, if you want to buy one of them, and if you like my blog, please do it by clicking on my banner so I will earn something from it!

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