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Try Erlang is what we needed

Finally Try Erlang is on! If you are diving into Erlang for the first time, and let’s say that you are not sure whether you will like the language (of course you will!) or not, you don’t have to download the full installation packet from the web, but you can use Try Erlang!

Try Erlang is a web interface to an Erlang node. Using the shell provided you can try some tutorials about : Introduction to Erlang, Shell Commands, Lists and Tuples, Pattern Matching, Functions, List Comprehensions and Funs.

This is a real benefit in Erlang world: using this web application people may be involved in Erlang language easily and without any fear.

Try Erlang

At the moment Try Erlang doesn’t support some stuff for security reasons…but opefully this will be implemented in the future!

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